Putting Creative Ideas Into Practice

Caron Studios is an independent business consulting and IT development studio based in Bratislava specialized in creative solutions ranging from business process optimizations to implementing transformative AI models in your business workflows.

Business Consulting & AI

Our Business Process Improvements streamline operations, Business Intelligence illuminates pathways to success, and our AI and Machine Learning solutions propel your business into the future. With a proven track record, including revolutionizing sales predictions for a top online retailer and crafting cutting-edge real estate intelligence tools, we are not just consultants – we are architects of innovation. Partner with us, and let's redefine what's possible for your business.

Additional Projects

Apart from streamlining business processes, developing business intelligence solutions, and implementing AI/ML solutions, we don't shy away from other projects. Although different in their nature, they all have three things in common: fun, passion and enthusiasm.

AiVi is an Artificial Intelligent Value Investor which was trained to identify overperforming S&P 500 stocks with the help of advanced neural network and machine learning models.

Caron Studios developed two popular freeware tools for Microsoft's latest Flight Simulator - the MSFS Mobile Companion App and the MSFS Landing Inspector.

Take control of a SAM launcher and secure the skies over Europe! SAM Commander Arena is an accessible but realistic simulation of a Surface-to-Air Missile Launcher using intuitive and simple controls.

See an overview of various other projects such as the Slovak to Eastern Slovak web translator and SAP RFBILA00 Financial Statement Clean-Up Tool.