Our Creative Pursuits

Apart from streamlining business processes, developing business intelligence solutions, and implementing AI/ML solutions, we don't shy away from other projects. Although different in their nature, they all have three things in common: fun, passion and enthusiasm.

Below, you will find a list of all other projects - finished projects, projects in early stages of development or discontinued projects.


Stay on top of the Vienna real estate market with immo:intel. Comprehensive, free statistics, reports, and charts on all relevant market data. Whether you want to buy, sell, rent, or invest, immo:intel provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Visit immo:intel here.

AiVi is an Artificial Intelligent Value Investor which was trained to identify overperforming S&P 500 stocks with the help of advanced neural network and machine learning models.

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First Contact GPT

First Contact GPT is a conversational AI game inspired by Star Trek. In this game, you take on the role of Joseph Rybar, the captain of the USS Carpathia, who is sent out to establish contact with an advanced, unknown alien race. Your objective is to communicate with the alien race and negotiate a personal meeting with their representatives.

The game takes advantage of OpenAI's GPT API to simulate the conversation with an AI avatar. You can find more information at following GitHub page.

Caron Studios developed two popular freeware tools for Microsoft's latest Flight Simulator - the MSFS Mobile Companion App and the MSFS Landing Inspector.

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Take control of a SAM launcher and secure the skies over Europe! SAM Commander Arena is an accessible but realistic simulation of a Surface-to-Air Missile Launcher using intuitive and simple controls.

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Slovak to Eastern Slovak Translator

Currently an early working prototype, this "Slovensko-Východniarský" web translator is built using a custom made simplistic AI model in Python. It's deployed on AWS Beanstalk as a Flask web application.
The Slovak to Eastern Slovak translator will be released once it's ready for public testing.

RFBILA00 Clean-Up Tool

Financial statements generated in SAP using the transaction code RFBILA00 are generally easy to read and come in a printable form, but are unsuitable for any data manipulation in spreadsheets. With the RFBILA00 Clean-Up Tool, you can easily import SAP-generated RFBILA00 financial statements and transform them for optimal use in spreadsheets. The RFBILA00 Clean-Up Tool generates an Excel-file where each row represents a single account with all its corresponding top-level (superior) accounts as individual columns.

With the RFBILA00 Clean-Up Tool you can finally create pivot tables of SAP-generated financial statements in a couple of clicks.

The tool is written in Python using the Tkinter package for GUI.

To download the RFBILA00 Clean-Up Tool, visit the following GitHub page.



givemeabroker.com was a comparison website for online stock brokerage fees. It unified all different types of brokerage fees such as fixed fees, percentage of trade volume fees, account keeping fees, inactivity fees and many others to give you a single comparable fee amount for each individual online broker.

The website was built using the Django web framework. It was discontinued in 2014.

A snapshot of the site is accessible via archive.org here.

AB Asset Management corporate design

Created the corporate design for AB Asset Management specifically the logo, templates for customer reports and business cards.
Link to website: www.abam.sk